Peninsula Equine Veterinarians


Performance Investigation

Our poor performance investigation includes:

  • Lameness assessment  
  • Routine blood test
  • Resting/dynamic endoscopy
  • ECG/Echocardiography

We are often presented with horses which are not performing up to their expected ability. 

To get to the root of the problem requires perseverance and a good diagnostic work up. 

It is always important to carry out a full lameness examination to assess if there are any orthopaedic problems which could be contributing to the horse’s poor performance.  

We have soft and hard surfaces for lunging and all weather ménage.   


This enables us to see the horse under differing conditions as in some cases lameness will only be evident under saddle or on a hard surface.

We will often run a routine blood test to check for evidence of underlying disease.

Occasionally we will carry out blood tests before and after exercise to check for muscular conditions.

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