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Endoscopy: our practice has a portable fibre optic endoscope that allows for diagnosis of various respiratory diseases (eg. Roaring/Bleeding) via direct visualisation of the respiratory system

Endoscopy allows the clinician to see anatomical structures in the horse and is a key tool in the diagnosis of many conditions.

Both portable fibre optic endoscopy and video endoscopy are available at PEV, and commonly used to examine and evaluate the upper respiratory tract, upper gastrointestinal tract, urethra and bladder, as well as the uterus in the mare.

The video endoscope is equipped with a monitor that allows the client to see these anatomical structures during the exam, which helps to strengthen the client’s understanding of the nature of their horse’s condition. Video endoscopy also has recording capabilities providing video image copies for medical records, clients, referring veterinarians, or for outside consultations, when requested.

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